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Amazon Case Study: Weleda Baby Care

Brand Overview

Weleda is a renowned brand that has been a pioneer in plant research for over a century. They have a rich heritage of nurturing families with their plant-crafted baby care products, which are dermatologist-tested for safety and nourishing for developing skin. Their baby care line includes products crafted with the gentlest botanical extracts, such as the calming calendula flower and white mallow, known for their soothing and hydrating properties respectively.


Before They Came to Us

Despite having high-quality products, Weleda was struggling to reach its full potential on Amazon. Their gross sales were relatively low, with a total of $11,705.34 in September 2022. They had no ad spend, resulting in zero ad sales and PPC orders. This lack of advertising and optimization was limiting their visibility and sales on the platform.


Why did they approach us?

Weleda recognized the need to improve their performance on Amazon. They sought our help to enhance their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and sales, as well as to optimize their A+ content and product listings. Their goal was to increase visibility, boost sales, and improve their Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS).


Our Strategy

We implemented a comprehensive strategy that included PPC advertising, A+ content, and listing optimization. This approach aimed to increase their visibility on Amazon, drive more traffic to their product pages, and ultimately boost sales.


PPC Advertising and Sales

We launched a series of PPC campaigns to increase the visibility of Weleda’s products on Amazon. This resulted in a significant increase in ad sales, from $0 in September 2022 to $140,642 in May 2023. The number of PPC orders also increased dramatically, from 0 to 5,119 during the same period.


A+ Content and Listing Optimization

We optimized Weleda’s A+ content and product listings to make them more appealing and informative to potential customers. This included enhancing product descriptions, adding high-quality images, and incorporating keywords to improve search engine optimization (SEO).




Our efforts led to a significant improvement in Weleda’s performance on Amazon. Their gross sales increased from $11,705.34 in September 2022 to $362,515.01 in May 2023. The total number of orders also saw a substantial rise, from 328 to 12,795 during the same period.

Despite the increase in ad spend, the ACOS remained relatively stable, ranging from 5.50% to 18.83%. This indicates that the increase in sales significantly outweighed the increase in advertising costs.

In conclusion, our comprehensive strategy helped Weleda significantly improve their performance on Amazon. They were able to increase their visibility, boost sales, and maintain a relatively low ACOS, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach.


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